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Impact on pgRNA encapsidation of selected mutants displaying reduced DNA accumulation.

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posted on 20.08.2013, 01:38 by Hui Feng, Ping Chen, Fei Zhao, Michael Nassal, Kanghong Hu

Total cytoyplasmic RNA and capsid-associated RNA from cells transfected with the indicated constructs were analyzed by RNase protection assays via hybridization to a 314 nucleotide antisense riboprobe (indicated by an asterisk) containing 41 nucleotides of non-HBV sequence; RNase digestion is expected to yield a protected fragment of about 270 nt (indicated by the arrow). Numbers below each lane show the encapsidation efficiency, measured as the ratio of encapsidated versus total pgRNA, relative to that produced by the wild-type HBV construct which was set to 100. Mean values ± standard deviation are from three independent experiments.