Impact of myriocin and antifungal drugs on the Galleria mellonella hemograms.

Hemocyte numbers (cells/ml) of G. mellonella larvae were determined 24 h after injection with C. albicans and/or drugs. The PBS group showed a significant increase in hemocyte numbers (*p<0.001, n = 20) and all the other groups showed a decrease of the hemocytes in comparison with control (CT). In particular, AMPH and MYR+AMPH groups showed decreased numbers (**p<0.001, n = 20). In all the groups where Candida was present, the hemocyte numbers were lower (***p<0.0001, n = 20). Controls were uninjected (CT) or PBS injected larvae. The drug treatments and abbreviations are as in Figure 1. Error bars indicate standard errors. Each experiment was triplicated.



CC BY 4.0