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Immunohistochemical detection of WRAP53 protein expression in esophageal carcinoma and in adjacent non-neoplastic esophageal mucosa.

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posted on 2014-03-13, 09:28 authored by Xuguang Rao, Daofu Huang, Xuxia Sui, Gefei Liu, Xuhong Song, Jinglian Xie, Dongyang Huang

(a) WRAP53 protein is visualized by yellow or brownish yellow staining in ESCC tissues. (b) Nuclear WRAP53 expression in ESCC tissues and weak or absent WRAP53 expression in the adjacent muscularis. (c) Strong expression of WRAP53 protein in poorly differentiated ESCC tissue. (d) and (e) Positive expression of WRAP53 in the well-differentiated ESCC tissue. (f) Negative WRAP53 expression in ESCC tissue. (g) and (h) Expression of WRAP53 is weak in adjacent non-neoplastic esophageal mucosa and is limited in basal and/or suprabasal layer cells. Scale bar  = 25 micron in c and 100 micron in all other figures.