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Immunohistochemical assay for KLF6 in placenta tissue section.

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posted on 28.01.2010 by Ricardo C. Gehrau, Diego S. D'Astolfo, Catherine I. Dumur, José L. Bocco, Nicolás P. Koritschoner

Immunohistochemistry assays were performed as described in Material and Methods. The specific stain is shown as a brown precipitate and nuclei were blue counterstained with hematoxylin. Magnification is 600×. A. Stain pattern obtained for the commercial anti-KLF6 polyclonal antibody (Zf9, top) and for in house produced anti-KLF6 monoclonal antibody (clone 2C11, bottom) in term placenta tissue sections. B. Background control of the secondary detection complex EnVision® System Peroxidase Labeled Polymer (Dako, Carpinteira, USA). The placenta tissue section was incubated only with primary antibody dilution buffer, and the secondary detection complex mentioned above.