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Immunofluorescent localization of tubulin and KIFC1 in mature E. modestus sperm.

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posted on 30.09.2013, 03:03 by Cong-Cong Hou, Wan-Xi Yang

(A) DAPI nuclear staining. (B) Tubulin staining. Tubulin (green staining; arrows) localizes specifically to the center of the acrosome. (C) KIFC1 staining. KIFC1 (red staining; arrows) localizes throughout the whole acrosome including the AFS-derived spike (D) Phase contrast microscopy. This figure shows the general morphological appearance of the E. modestus mature sperm. (E) Merged immunofluorescent images. Tubulin (green staining; arrows) and KIFC1 (red staining; arrows) localization is shown. Nucleus (blue staining). (F) Diagram. This diagram shows the distribution of tubulin (green) and KIFC1 (red dots) in the E. modestus mature sperm. N: nucleus, MF: microfilaments AFS: acroframosome, C: centriole.