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Immunofluorescent localization of tubulin and KIFC1 during the late stage of E. modestus spermiogenesis.

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posted on 30.09.2013, 03:03 by Cong-Cong Hou, Wan-Xi Yang

(A) DAPI nuclear staining. (B) Tubulin staining. Tubulin (green staining; arrows) localizes specifically to the acroframosome (AFS). (C) KIFC1 staining. KIFC1 (red staining; arrows) localizes mainly to the proacrosome with some staining associated with the AFS. (D) Phase contrast microscopy. This figure shows the general morphological appearance of the spermatid during the late stage of spermiogenesis. (E) Merged immunofluorescent images. Tubulin (green staining; arrows) and KIFC1 (red staining; arrows) localization is shown. Nucleus (blue staining). (F) Diagram. This diagram shows the distribution of tubulin (green) and KIFC1 (red dots) in the spermatid during the late stage of spermiogenesis. N: nucleus, LCx: lamellar complex, AFS: acroframosome, C: centriole.