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Immunofluorescent images of BmTGIF expression in BmN cells (A) and testis at 10 days after pupation (B).

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posted on 19.02.2013, 20:32 authored by Pengjie Zhang, Guangli Cao, Jie Sheng, Renyu Xue, Chengliang Gong

Immunostaining was performed with mouse anti-BmTGIF-L antibody, followed by treatment with FITC-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG. The nuclei of BmN cells and testis were treated with DAPI (blue), and examined under an inverted fluorescence microscope. In both (A) and (B), from left to right, green fluorescence for FITC-treated BmTGIF protein, DAPI-treated nuclei, and the overlay images. The primary spermatocytes (large arrow) and mature sperm (small arrow) also showed prominent BmTGIF expression. Primary spermatocytes (large arrow) also showed strong DAPI labeling, overlaid with FITC staining. For controls, pre-immune serum was used as the primary antibody. Original magnification for BmN cells = ×200, for testis = ×40.