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Immunofluorescence imaging of vacuoles enclosing various Salmonella strains.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 00:34 authored by Nina Schroeder, Thomas Henry, Chantal de Chastellier, Weidong Zhao, Aude-Agnès Guilhon, Jean-Pierre Gorvel, Stéphane Méresse

HeLa cells infected for 16 hours with GFP-expressing Salmonella strains were immunostained for the SCV marker LAMP1 and imaged by confocal microscopy for GFP (green) and LAMP1 (red). Insets illustrate the absence of vacuole enclosing sifA bacteria and the shapes of sifAsseJ, sifAsopD2 and sifAsopD2pipB2 vacuoles magnified twice. SIFs (arrows) were only seen in wild-type-infected cells. Scale bar, 10 µm or 5 µm for insets.


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