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Immunodepletion results showing specific IgG antibody recognition to the synthetic peptide in naturally P. vivax-infected individuals with known reactivity to PvAMA-1 and Domain II (DII).

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posted on 21.06.2011, 01:13 by Lilian Lacerda Bueno, Francisco Pereira Lobo, Cristiane Guimarães Morais, Luíza Carvalho Mourão, Ricardo Andrez Machado de Ávila, Irene Silva Soares, Cor Jesus Fontes, Marcus Vinícius Lacerda, Carlos Chavez Olórtegui, Daniella Castanheira Bartholomeu, Ricardo Toshio Fujiwara, Érika Martins Braga

The sera were depleted with the synthetic peptide SASDQPTQYEEEMTDYQK and further evaluated for specificity to PvAMA-1 and DII. The mean antibody OD values (n = 11) are shown on the Y-axis and the error bars indicate the SD. Statistical differences were detected using Wilcoxon matched pairs test and are indicated on the graphs with significant P values.