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Immunoblot analyses of endogenous HPV16 E6, upon intracellular expression of E6-targeting peptides.

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posted on 2015-07-07, 03:16 authored by Christina Stutz, Eileen Reinz, Anja Honegger, Julia Bulkescher, Johannes Schweizer, Katia Zanier, Gilles Travé, Claudia Lohrey, Karin Hoppe-Seyler, Felix Hoppe-Seyler

Expression of either hrGFP-linked peptides pep11**m or pep11’m (both E6-binding defective), or pep11**, pep11’ or E6APpep (all E6-binding competent) in HPV-16 positive MRI-H186 cells. Soluble and insoluble protein fractions are indicated. Loading of protein extracts was normalized for equal transfection efficiencies, as determined by the activities of a co-transfected β-galactosidase expression vector. Expression levels of endogenous E6AP, of p53, and of individual peptide-hrGFP fusion proteins are indicated. α-Tub, α-tubulin; s. exp., short exposure; l. exp., long exposure.