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Immunization with OMVs reduced bacterial burden in a pneumonia model.

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posted on 2014-06-23, 02:58 authored by Weiwei Huang, Yufeng Yao, Qiong Long, Xu Yang, Wenjia Sun, Cunbao Liu, Xiaomei Jin, Yang li, Xiaojie Chu, Bin Chen, Yanbing Ma

(A) The bacterial loads in BALF, lung and spleen were detected continuously for 9 days in the pneumonia model. The A. baumannii group was challenged with A. baumannii, and the control group received no challenge; (B) The mice that were actively vaccinated with OMVs showed a significant reduction in bacterial loads; (C) The mice that received passive immunization with the antisera were completely protected from A. baumannii infection. The p value was determined by an unpaired Student's t test. *, p<0.05, **, p<0.01, ***, p<0.001; n = 12 mice per group.