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Immune reconstitution in recipient fah-/- mice after syngeneic BMT.

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posted on 2014-09-05, 03:15 authored by Ziping Qi, Lu Li, Xuefu Wang, Xiang Gao, Xin Wang, Haiming Wei, Jian Zhang, Rui Sun, Zhigang Tian

(A) Donor-derived EGFP+ PBMC measurements from BMT mice at the indicated time points. (B) PBMC subset (NK, B, CD4+, and CD8+ T) measurements from BMT mice at the indicated times. PBMC from EGFP-Tg mice was set as a positive control. (mean ± SEM, n = 9). (C) Thymus, spleen, and liver CD4+ or CD8+ T lymphocyte detection in BMT mice (rebuild 9w) or EGFP-Tg donor mice by FACS. (D) Spleen and inguinal LN histology of serial sections of BMT mice (rebuild 9w). From L-R, H&E stain, EGFP, CD3, and CD19 immunohistochemistry. Brown staining indicates positive cells. (Original magnification 100×). (E) Serum anti-HBsAg levels in EGFP-BMT and EGFP-Tg mice after twice HBV vaccine immunizations.