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Illustration of the estimated population subdivision and the prediction of historical admixture.

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posted on 2011-12-02, 01:54 authored by Livia Lucentini, Maria Elena Puletti, Claudia Ricciolini, Lilia Gigliarelli, Diego Fontaneto, Luisa Lanfaloni, Fabiana Bilò, Mauro Natali, Fausto Panara

Two partitions (K) were empirically determined by STRUCTURE (version 2.3.3) for AFLP data aggregated by skin colour pattern, using a burn-in period of 100,000 steps, followed by 500,000 steps of data collection to ensure the convergence of the MCMC. Yellow bars refer to the northern genotype, here represented by round spot (RS) individuals. Green bars refer to the southern genotype, here represented by individuals showing the southern phenotypes stellate spot (SS), diagonal bars (DB), longitudinal bars (LB) and vertical bars (VB).