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Illustration of the combined GNG-SST designed for the current study.

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posted on 2014-11-26, 02:42 authored by Toni Cunillera, Lluís Fuentemilla, Debora Brignani, David Cucurell, Carlo Miniussi

Participants were instructed to respond to letters or numbers in two separated and consecutive blocks with the right or left hand depending on the side of the appearance of the Go-stimuli. In this example, different conditions are shown in the three rows of the Figure for the block “go for letters”, in which participants are asked to respond to the side of appearance of the letters V and l (easy and hard discriminability, respectively). In the top row is presented an example of a Go-trial (letter “V”) for the easy discrimination condition, whereas in the middle row an example of Stop-trial is illustrated for the hard discrimination condition. The Stop-Signal delay (SSD) was adapted (±25 ms) after each Stop-trial by means of a staircase-tracking algorithm. The bottom row corresponds to a Nogo-trial (number “1”) in the hard discrimination condition. The % of Trials (right column) describes the percentage of trials in each condition of a total of 452 trials composing the task.