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Illustration of strategies for conjugating biological or therapeutic cargo molecules to the NLP platform.

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posted on 2014-03-27, 03:27 authored by Nicholas O. Fischer, Dina R. Weilhammer, Alexis Dunkle, Cynthia Thomas, Mona Hwang, Michele Corzett, Cheri Lychak, Wasima Mayer, Salustra Urbin, Nicole Collette, Jiun Chiun Chang, Gabriela G. Loots, Amy Rasley, Craig D. Blanchette

Conjugation to NLPs can be achieved using A) lipids bearing functional head groups (e.g. chelated Ni or azide moieties) to which cargo molecules with corresponding functionality can be conjugated (His-tagged or alkyne-functionalized proteins, respectively), B) biomolecules featuring lipidic moieties (e.g. cholesterol or alkyl chains) which can anchor the molecule into the lipid bilayer, or C) orthogonal combination of the two strategies.