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IL-1RI signalling is required for induction of Th17 responses and Pa-induced protection against B. pertussis.

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posted on 2013-04-04, 01:17 authored by Pádraig J. Ross, Caroline E. Sutton, Sarah Higgins, Aideen C. Allen, Kevin Walsh, Alicja Misiak, Ed C. Lavelle, Rachel M. McLoughlin, Kingston H. G. Mills

IL-1RI−/− and WT mice were immunized i.p. twice (0 and 28 days) with Pa. 14 days after the second immunization, mice were challenged by exposure to an aerosol of live B. pertussis. (A) The number of CFU in the lungs were quantified at intervals after challenge. (B, C) B. pertussis-specific cytokine production by spleen cells on the day of challenge (B) or B. pertussis-specific cytokine production by lung mononuclear cells 3, 7 and 10 days post challenge (C) was determined by ELISA. (D) B. pertussis-specific antibody in serum on the day of challenge (Co: control; KO: IL-1RI−/−). *−/− versus WT. Results are mean values for 4 mice per group at each time point and each panel is representative of 3 independent experiments.