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IHC Analysis of PCNA expression in cervical squamous epithelium.

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posted on 07.11.2011, 01:55 by Gülay Bulut, Shannon Fallen, Elspeth M. Beauchamp, Lauren E. Drebing, Junfeng Sun, Deborah L. Berry, Bhaskar Kallakury, Christopher P. Crum, Jeffrey A. Toretsky, Richard Schlegel, Aykut Üren

PCNA expression was restricted to the basal and innermost suprabasal layers in cervical sections of wild type and K14-ΔN87βcat transgenics, whereas in K14-E7 and K14-E7/ΔN87βcat transgenics, there was an incremental increase in expression within the multiple layers of the squamous epithelium. Cervical tissues were harvested at the endpoint of the study, after six months of estrogen treatment (0.05 mg/60 days, 7 months old). Images are at ×80 magnification.


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