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IFN-γ response to five new CD8 peptides after CA/E3/09 infection.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 22:31 authored by Hailong Guo, David J. Topham

A panel of predicted CD8 peptides excluding the NP366 and PA224 as indicated in the Table 1 and 2 were assessed for their abilities to induce IFN-γ response at day 10 after naïve mice were non-lethally infected with X31 virus (3×105 EID50, filled column) or CA/E3/09 virus (3 PFU, open column) using the ELISPOT methods. Among these peptides, only five (CANP39, CANP41, CANP55, CANP130, CANP296 and CAPA439) were able to induce spots formation after CA/E3/09 infection. Data presented were average values ± SD from 5 mice of each group and representative of at least four independent experiments.