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Histopathology of the lung following 1.25×104Orientia challenge.

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posted on 10.07.2014, 03:09 by Thomas R. Shelite, Tais B. Saito, Nicole L. Mendell, Bin Gong, Guang Xu, Lynn Soong, Gustavo Valbuena, Donald H. Bouyer, David H. Walker

H & E stained uninfected lung tissue (A-20×) and IHC of uninfected lung (B-40×) compared with lung from i.p. inoculated mice 12 dpi (H&E C-20×, IHC D-40×), and lung from i.v. inoculated 15 dpi (H&E E-20×, IHC F-40×). All i.p. infections were lethal with less severe pulmonary cellular infiltrate when compared to that of i.v. infected mice with capillary endothelial cell infection of the aveolar septa.