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Histology of the portal-inferior vena cava shunt.

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posted on 30.09.2013, 01:55 by Xiaopeng Yan, Chao Fan, Jia Ma, Jianhui Li, Dinghui Dong, Haohua Wang, Feng Ma, Xinglong Zheng, Yi Lv

A, The two magnets stably matched and a large number of fibrous connective tissue can be observed around the anastomosis. B, Mild intimal hyperplasia in the portal vein and the inferior vena cava (H&E staining, 40×). C, Continuity of the vascular adventitia from the portal vein to the inferior vena cava (H&E staining, 40×). D, A large quantity of tidily arranged collagen surrounding the adventitia (Masson’s trichrome stain, 40×). Red arrow: continuous fusion between the portal vein and the vascular adventitia of the inferior vena cava.


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