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Histology of subcutaneous islet xenografts in immunocompetent diabetic mice.

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posted on 2013-08-29, 07:53 authored by Marcos Perez-Basterrechea, Alvaro J. Obaya, Alvaro Meana, Jesus Otero, Manuel M. Esteban

A) Representative images of subcutaneously transplanted islets alone (ISC), PSI without cells and PSI containing: 106 autologous fibroblasts (PSI-5F), 106 allogenic BM-MSCs (PSI-5M), or 106 of both autologous fibroblasts and allogenic BM-MSCs (PSI-5FM). Islet grafts were retrieved seven days after transplantation in diabetic mice. Samples were stained with H and E, or labelled with anti-insulin or anti-MPO antibodies. Black arrows point to islets. B) Quantification of the number of MPO-positive cells per field present on the leukocyte infiltration of the islet graft. C) Quantification of the insulin-positive area per section present on the islet graft. (**) p<0.01; (***) p<0.001.


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