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Histological sections showing an example of tissue response in the lower basal turn.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 18:39 by Patrick J. Atkinson, Andrew K. Wise, Brianna O. Flynn, Bryony A. Nayagam, Clifford R. Hume, Stephen J. O’Leary, Robert K. Shepherd, Rachael T. Richardson

Examples of cochlear cross sections illustrate the location and extent of tissue response (arrows) characterised by fibrosis and minimal new bone growth in the lower basal turn of the cochlea associated with viral injection surgery. The tissue response was localised to the basal turn scala tympani (ST) with only a very minor response observed in the scala media (zoomed image). Scale bar = 200 µm, and 50 µm on zoomed imaged.


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