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Histological analysis of mice footpads infected with M. ulcerans and treated or non-treated with RS.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 08:18 authored by Teresa G. Martins, José B. Gama, Alexandra G. Fraga, Margarida Saraiva, Manuel T. Silva, António G. Castro, Jorge Pedrosa

Histological sections of footpads collected at different time points post-infection were stained with HE or ZN and the percentage of fields with AFB localized predominantly inside (A) or outside (B) cells and the percentage of fields with predominance of mononuclear (C) or neutrophilic cells (D) was evaluated. (E) Relative abundance of inflammatory infiltrates. Analyses were performed in 6 different sections of each sample of mice footpad, in a total of 3 footpads per group. Asterisks represent significant differences between treated and non-treated mice at 21 days post-infection (*, P<0.05; ***, P<0.001). Significant differences over time for the non-treated or RS group were determined by comparing each time point with the following (*, P<0.05; **, P<0.01, ***, P<0.001). NT; non-treated mice. RS; mice treated with rifampicin and streptomycin. Time points represented are days post-infection. Treatment duration was as described in Figure 2 legend. Data bars represent the mean ± SEM.


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