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Histological analysis of host components coating an explanted driveline (DL).

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posted on 01.05.2009, 11:37 by Carlos Arrecubieta, Faustino A. Toba, Manuel von Bayern, Hirokazu Akashi, Mario C. Deng, Yoshifumi Naka, Franklin D. Lowy

(A) Comparison of the external appearance of a typical explanted DL (left panel) and a non-implanted DL (right panel). (B) Low-resolution view (100×) of a Trichrome-stained section (6 µm) of a 20 wk–implanted DL showing the thick, fibrous collagen layer deposited on the Dacron fibers. (C) Detailed view (400×) of host cellular components interspersed among collagen fibers. Collagen stains blue with Trichrome stain. DF, Dacron fibers; Cn, collagen fibers; S, coated DL surface; CC, cellular components.