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Histological analyses of Col27G1516C mouse growth plate.

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posted on 19.12.2011, 00:23 by Darren A. Plumb, Laila Ferrara, Tanja Torbica, Lynnette Knowles, Aleksandr Mironov Jr., Karl E. Kadler, Michael D. Briggs, Raymond P. Boot-Handford

H & E staining of tibial growth plates of new born, 3 and 6 week (A&D, B&E and C&F respectively) wild type (WT/WT) mice and mice homozygous for the Col27G1516C allele (MG/C/MG/C). MG/C/MG/C mice sometimes exhibit a slightly disordered proliferative (P) zone which is apparent in 3 (E) but not 6 (F) week sample. Immunolocalisation of collagen XXVII in MG/C/MG/C mice is normal in the proliferative (P) and hypertrophic (H) zone of tibial growth plates in new born, 3 and 6 week (J, K and L, respectively) when compared with the wild type littermates (WT/WT - G, H, I). Scale bar in (L)  =  100 µm.


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