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Highly potent cross-strain inhibition of red blood cell invasion of PfRON2sp1.

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posted on 21.06.2012, 00:24 by Brigitte Vulliez-Le Normand, Michelle L. Tonkin, Mauld H. Lamarque, Susann Langer, Sylviane Hoos, Magali Roques, Frederick A. Saul, Bart W. Faber, Graham A. Bentley, Martin J. Boulanger, Maryse Lebrun

Comparison of PfRON2sp1 and R1 peptides (concentrations 0.2 to 20 µM) in inhibiting red blood cell invasion by P. falciparum 3D7 or HB3 highlights the higher inhibitory efficiency and cross-strain reactivity of PfRON2sp1. Parasitemia of control infected red blood cells (IRBC) 16 hours post-invasion was used as the 100% invasion reference. Means (± SD for N = 3) are shown.


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