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High-resolution of recombination break-points.

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posted on 02.12.2010, 01:30 authored by Yan Fu, Nathan M. Springer, Kai Ying, Cheng-Ting Yeh, A. Leonardo Iniguez, Todd Richmond, Wei Wu, Brad Barbazuk, Dan Nettleton, Jeff Jeddeloh, Patrick S. Schnable

Several plots show detailed views of the CGH mapping data near recombination events in the RIL M0022. The log2(M0022/B73) value is plotted along the y-axis for each of the B>M probes (q<0.0001 and fold-change>2) in five genomic regions. The arrowheads indicate the position of the recombination event and the label indicates the chromosome and the base pair resolution of the recombination event.


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