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High resolution mapping of the Hpt mutation.

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posted on 2013-01-02, 01:26 authored by Vishnu Hosur, Melissa L. Cox, Lisa M. Burzenski, Rebecca L. Riding, Lynn Alley, Bonnie L. Lyons, Anoop Kavirayani, Kimberly A. Martin, Gregory A. Cox, Kenneth R. Johnson, Leonard D. Shultz

Fine mapping of the Hpt mutation by segregation analysis of the HPT/LeJ-Hpt/+ x CAST/EiJ) F1 hybrid x C3HeB/FeJ cross. All of the 182 N2 offspring typed for the Chromosome 4 markers had one allele derived from C3HeB/FeJ (A) and the other allele derived from either C57BL/6J (B) or CAST/EiJ (C). Shown are the AB (gray) and AC (white) genotypes of 25 markers in the six most informative mutant N2 mice (Hpt/+, genotype designation AB) recombinant between D4Mit176 and D4Mit202. The markers D4Mit 352, hptssr22, hptssr23, and hptssr25 are non-recombinant with the Hpt mutation in all six mice, and the new flanking markers D4Mit 199 and hptssr50 refine the candidate gene interval to a 6.7 Mb region.


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