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High concentrations of 21-BD reduce cell viability of HeLa and RKO.

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posted on 07.10.2014, 03:18 authored by Sayonarah C. Rocha, Marco T. C. Pessoa, Luiza D. R. Neves, Silmara L. G. Alves, Luciana M. Silva, Herica L. Santos, Soraya M. F. Oliveira, Alex G. Taranto, Moacyr Comar, Isabella V. Gomes, Fabio V. Santos, Natasha Paixão, Luis E. M. Quintas, François Noël, Antonio F. Pereira, Ana C. S. C. Tessis, Natalia L. S. Gomes, Otacilio C. Moreira, Ruth Rincon-Heredia, Fernando P. Varotti, Gustavo Blanco, Jose A. F. P. Villar, Rubén G. Contreras, Leandro A. Barbosa

HeLa (A) or RKO (B) cells were treated with digoxin (green symbols) or 21-BD (red symbols) for 24 (circles) or 48 (squares) h. Viability was measured by MTT reduction assay. 100 and 25 µM 21-BD induced the statistically significant reduction of HeLa and RKO viability, respectively (p<0.0084). Digoxin reduces HeLa viability starting with 150 µM for 24 h and 50 µM for 48 h (p<0.001). RKO cells have a higher sensitivity to digoxin that induces statistically significant differences starting from 1.6 µM for 48 h (p<0.0001).