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Heat-induced unigenes in cold-treated peach fruit.

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posted on 06.12.2012 by Martin A. Lauxmann, Bianca Brun, Julia Borsani, Claudia A. Bustamante, Claudio O. Budde, María V. Lara, María F. Drincovich

The relative-to-harvest (H) level of accumulation of 14 selected heat-induced transcripts was determined in peach fruit subjected to 3 (R3) or 5 days at 0°C (R5) followed by 2 days at 20°C (R5+2). Gene expression levels were normalized against Arabidopsis thaliana rad50 (gb|AF168748.1|AF168748). Bars with at least one equal letter mean no statistically significant difference (α = 0.05). Cold-induced genes are grouped in green, cold-repressed transcripts in red and the transcript that was not modified by the cold treatment (I42) is in grey.