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Haplotype comparison.

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posted on 2015-02-17, 03:17 authored by Yukako Kayashima, Natalia A. Makhanova, Kota Matsuki, Hirofumi Tomita, Brian J. Bennett, Nobuyo Maeda

Chromosome maps of Aath4 on Chr 2 (A) and Aath5 on Chr 10 (B) from UNC Mouse Phylogeny Viewer. 129 sequences and B6/DBA regions identical to 129 are shown in green; B6 sequences different from 129, and DBA sequences identical to B6 but not to 129 are shown in purple; DBA-specific sequences are shown in orange. Arrows below indicate the position of representative candidate genes. Homologous human chromosomal regions are derived from the Virtual Comparative Map (VCMap) tool. Human disease-associated regions are indicated above the human chromosomal regions.