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H&E stained histology of Met-1 tumors.

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posted on 23.11.2011, 02:41 authored by Charles F. Caskey, Mario Hlawitschka, Shengping Qin, Lisa M. Mahakian, Robert D. Cardiff, John M. Boone, Katherine W. Ferrara

H&E stained histology of MET-1 tumors. (a) H&E stained section of a single tumor (T) with multiple cysts (C) growing beneath the dermis (D) in the mammary fat pad (F). (b) The epidermis (E), dermis (D), fat pad fascia (FP) and fat (F) remote to the tumor has minimal inflammation. (c) In contrast, the fat pad (F) adjacent to the tumor (T) is inflamed with compressed adipocytes, dilated, engorged vessels (V) and scattered granulocytes (g). (d) The malignant nature of the tumor is illustrated by the cords of neoplastic cells infiltrating the adjacent fat (f) and connective tissue (ct).


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