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HTS assay validation.

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posted on 04.05.2010, 00:23 by Jair L. Siqueira-Neto, Ok-Ryul Song, Hyunrim Oh, Jeong-Hun Sohn, Gyongseon Yang, Jiyoun Nam, Jiyeon Jang, Jonathan Cechetto, Chang Bok Lee, Seunghyun Moon, Auguste Genovesio, Eric Chatelain, Thierry Christophe, Lucio H. Freitas-Junior

A) Linear correlation between relative fluorescence unit (RFU) readings from resazurin reduction (y-axis) and parasite number from microscopy counting (x-axis). B) Dose response curve and EC50 (black line for L. major and grey dashed line for L. donovani) of the reference compounds used as controls: EtBr, amphotericin B, miltefosine and paromomycin. C) Distribution of 33 control microplates showing 1% DMSO as the negative control (blue dots), EtBr EC50-30 nM (black dots) and EtBr EC100-10 µM as positive controls (yellow dots) and the Z-factor of 0.62. D) Distribution plot of the duplicate assay screen of 4,000 compounds (red dots) and controls in three different concentrations, following the same color standards as in C.


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