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Growth dynamics.

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posted on 2012-09-18, 01:31 authored by Fabian Roger, Anna Godhe, Lars Gamfeldt

Growth dynamics of the four strains in monocultures (red, green, yellow and blue for strain 1–4 respectively) and the mixture (violet) in the three treatments in which growth was observed, plotted per treatment. Control: Temperature = 20°C, Salinity = 25; high T: Temperature = 28°C, Salinity = 27; low S: Temperature = 20°C, Salinity = 7. The ellipses represent 95% confidence intervals of the bootstrapped parameter distributions of the modelled growth curves. K represents maximum biomass and the units are raw fluorescence of Chl a, and r is the maximum growth rate given in cell divisions per day. The range of the axes is standardized in order to represent the same amount of relative variance around the overall mean of r and K, respectively.


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