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Growth competition between ΔalaA, ΔalaC and ΔavtA deletion mutants and the wild-type strain.

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posted on 11.07.2014, 02:53 by Esther Peña-Soler, Francisco J. Fernandez, Miguel López-Estepa, Fernando Garces, Andrew J. Richardson, Juan F. Quintana, Kenneth E. Rudd, Miquel Coll, M. Cristina Vega

The ratio of mutant to total (mutant plus WT) bacterial cells is plotted against time (in d) for two independent experiments. In experiment 1 (open symbols) the co-cultures were dialy back diluted to 1∶10,000 (13.29 generations/day) and experiment 2 (filled symbols) to 1∶100,000 (16.61 generations/day). Data points were used to best fit exponential lines to determine slopes, which were divided by the number of generations to calculate the average growth rate differences of the mutant strains. The starting ratios are indicated by the y-intercepts.