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Graphic representation of the relation between the SDrel of the specific energy distribution and the target volume.

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posted on 2016-01-05, 14:56 authored by Gaëtan Gruel, Carmen Villagrasa, Pascale Voisin, Isabelle Clairand, Marc Benderitter, Jean-François Bottollier-Depois, Joan Francesc Barquinero

The relations were plotted with Eq 3, using k1 and k2 calculated by [15] for 60Co. The relations for doses of 0.5, 1 and 2 Gy are represented by light grey, grey and dark grey curves respectively. A target volume of around 1.6 μm3 was calculated to explain the totality of the SDrel of the RIF distribution by the spread of energy specific distribution, regardless of the dose considered.


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