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Global configurations in dissipative metabolic networks.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 09:36 authored by Ildefonso M. De La Fuente, Luis Martínez, Alberto L. Pérez-Samartín, Leire Ormaetxea, Cristian Amezaga, Antonio Vera-López

In the DMN three kinds of global configurations may emerge. (a) All the subsystems exhibit an on-off changeable state, the δ threshold value parameter (the level of the covalent regulatory activity) is δ = 0.35. (b) A set of metabolic subsystems are locked into an active state (the MSb2 and the MSb11) while the rest of metabolic subsystems exhibit an on-off changeable state, for δ = 0.42. (c) The modification of the δ control parameter leads to a new global configuration of the network in which all the subsystems are in an on state, δ = 0.7. Arrows show substrate fluxes, the subsystems locked always in an active state are shown by dark circles and the metabolic subsystem that always present cycles of activity-inactivity are represented by white circles.


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