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Geographic clines of BAPS clusters' proportions.

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posted on 11.12.2012, 02:01 by Alexandra Sá-Pinto, Madalena S. Branco, Paulo B. Alexandrino, Michaël C. Fontaine, Stuart J. E. Baird

Average proportion of nuclear genome in each sampling location assigned to one of the clusters recovered by BAPS for Patella rustica (2A) and P. ulyssiponensis (2B), plotted against their shortest sea distance to Biarritz. Points not connected by a line represent the sampling location of Agadir. 2C - maximum likelihood sigmoid clines for the proportion of individual's genome assigned to the Atlantic cluster of Patella ulyssiponensis (green line) and to the Western Mediterranean cluster of P. rustica (orange line) obtained under the hypothesis of centres and widths being shared over the two species (H3); green and orange dots represent observations in P. ulyssiponensis and P. rustica, respectively. AOF – approximate location of Almeria-Oran Front; SI – South Italy.