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Genome-wide expression profiling.

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posted on 27.10.2010, 00:35 by Orfeas Liangos, Sophie Domhan, Christian Schwager, Martin Zeier, Peter E. Huber, Francesco Addabbo, Michael S. Goligorsky, Lynn Hlatky, Bertrand L. Jaber, Amir Abdollahi

Whole blood gene expression profiles (Panel A). Whole blood cell expression profiles before (0), 2 h and 24 h post CPB revealed 916 differentially regulated transcripts corresponding to 610 known genes (p<0.01). The selected sets of genes are presented as a heatmap using hierarchical clustering (HCL) with Euclidean distances and complete linkage analysis (for a detailed gene list see supplemental SOM table S1). Each row represents lg2 expression ratios of an individual gene (CS/CPB vs. average intensity of all measurements) and the columns indicate each respective patient (i.e., sample time points). Expression ratios are colored according to the scale bar: green  =  downregulation, red  =  upregulation. Representative CS/CPB-induced genes are highlighted in the red box. Selected CS/CPB-induced genes are highlighted in the red box. Functional processes (Panel B). The top 10 functional processes affected by CS/CPB treatment are presented. Data analysis among CS/CPB regulated genes from the selected gene set resulted in significant enrichment for gene ontology processes and cell survival or death. Bars represent -log p-values representing the probability for the gene ontology mapping arising by chance.