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Genome-wide differentiation among populations.

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posted on 2010-02-26, 00:45 authored by Paul A. Hohenlohe, Susan Bassham, Paul D. Etter, Nicholas Stiffler, Eric A. Johnson, William A. Cresko

FST across the genome, with colored bars indicating significantly elevated (p≤10−5, blue; p≤10−7, red) and reduced (p≤10−5, green) values. Vertical gray shading indicates boundaries of the linkage groups and unassembled scaffolds, and gold shading indicates the nine peaks of substantial population differentiation discussed in the text. (A) FST between the two oceanic populations (RS and RB; note that no regions of FST are significantly elevated or reduced). (B,C,D) Differentiation of each single freshwater population from the two oceanic populations, shown as the mean of the two pairwise comparisons (with RS and RB): (B) BP, (C) BL, (D) ML. Colored bars in each plot represent regions where both pairwise comparisons exceeded the corresponding significance threshold. (E) Overall population differentiation between the oceanic and freshwater populations. (F) Differentiation among the three freshwater populations (BP, BL, ML).


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