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Genome scan for the milk somatic cell count trait LSCS in a grand-daughter design of 1009 dairy sheep identifies a highly significant QTL on chromosome OAR3.

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posted on 2015-12-17, 08:08 authored by Rachel Rupp, Pavel Senin, Julien Sarry, Charlotte Allain, Christian Tasca, Laeticia Ligat, David Portes, Florent Woloszyn, Olivier Bouchez, Guillaume Tabouret, Mathieu Lebastard, Cécile Caubet, Gilles Foucras, Gwenola Tosser-Klopp

(A) Manhattan plot for likelihood ratio test profile for LSCS trait based on haplotype-based association analyses on the 26 ovine autosomes. (B) Global likelihood ratio test (LRT) profile for LSCS trait on chromosome OAR3 based on both linkage and haplotype-based association analyses. The 5% genome-wide thresholds are indicated for association (solid line) and linkage (dotted line) analyses. (C) Localisation of the 207 SNP in the OAR3 QTL confidence interval. SNP were identified using whole genome sequencing in a trio of rams.