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Genetic buffering between gene duplicates results from functional redundancy.

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posted on 04.11.2010, 00:54 by Jingjing Li, Zineng Yuan, Zhaolei Zhang

(A) and (B) indicate functionally similar genes are more likely to backup each other for WGD (A) and SSD (B) paralogs, respectively, where functional divergence was calibrated by the overlap of GO annotations (GO-div) and coding sequence divergence (Ka). The number of total pairs in each bin is indicated for GO-div and Ka. (C) and (D) indicate buffering strength between paralogs is on average proportional to their functional similarity for WGD (C) and SSD (D) paralogs, respectively. (E) is the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for the prediction of backup capacity between paralogs based on functional similarities. This curve, together with the AUC (area under the curve) score, was from one random realization of the 3-fold cross-validation.


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