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Genes targeted by eri-6/7-dependent endogenous siRNAs share regions of high sequence identity.

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posted on 10.11.2011, 01:12 by Sylvia E. J. Fischer, Taiowa A. Montgomery, Chi Zhang, Noah Fahlgren, Peter C. Breen, Alexia Hwang, Christopher M. Sullivan, James C. Carrington, Gary Ruvkun

(A) Overlap between genes targeted by eri-6/7-dependent siRNAs identified by deep sequencing of embryo small RNA and of adult small RNA. (B, C) Two groups of target genes that share sequence identity. Indicated are stretches with high identity and stretches of 100% identity. (D) Target genes show sequence identity in regions with siRNAs. siRNA reads in wild type embryo libraries were plotted against four target gene regions. Unique siRNAs and non-unique siRNAs are color-coded. Gene structures of different splice variants are shown with genes on the Watson strand pointing to the right, genes on the Crick strand pointing to the left. Regions of high sequence identity are indicated by arrows, color-coded and marked by a letter. (E) Homology between the adult eri-6/7-dependent siRNA target genes C36A4.11 and K06B9.6. Unique and non-unique siRNAs are color-coded. The grey arrow indicates the region of identity.