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Genes coexpressed with PAPS1 are strongly affected in paps1 mutants.

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posted on 2015-08-25, 03:19 authored by Christian Kappel, Gerda Trost, Hjördis Czesnick, Anna Ramming, Benjamin Kolbe, Son Lang Vi, Cláudia Bispo, Jörg D. Becker, Cornelia de Moor, Michael Lenhard

(A) Clustering analysis of coregulated modules across publicly available microarray data. PAPS1 is part of module 10. Modules 10 and 40 are highlighted. (B,C) Empirical cumulative distribution functions (CDF) of tail-length change (left) and mRNA abundance change (right) in paps1-1 versus wild type for genes in coregulated modules 10 (B) and 40 (C) compared to all other transcripts not in the respective module (other). p-values are from Wilcoxon rank-sum tests. Negative log2FC means shorter tail and reduced abundance in paps1 mutants compared to wild type, respectively.