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Genes, Regulatory Elements and Transcriptional Activity in Vole Xic.

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posted on 03.08.2011, 02:32 by Alexander I. Shevchenko, Anastasia A. Malakhova, Eugeny A. Elisaphenko, Nina A. Mazurok, Tatyana B. Nesterova, Neil Brockdorff, Suren M. Zakian

(A) Schematic representation of genes and regulatory elements detected in vole Xic by comparative sequence analysis. Lines above the scheme represent the nucleotide sequences determined for each vole species. Black lines show the sequences determined previously [20], gray lines, the sequences obtained from this study. The amplicons analyzed by RT–PCR (1–14) are denoted. (B) Strand-specific RT–PCR across Xist and its adjacent regions in preimplantation blastocysts (blast), 12,5 dpc placentas (pl) and embryos (em) of M. rossiaemeridionalis. Numbers above correspond to the amplicons shown on the scheme (A). (AS) Antisense transcript; (S) sense transcript; (gDNA) PCR of genomic DNA; (b-actin) examples of positive control of strand-specific cDNA syntheses with beta-actin primers. (C) Allele-specific profile of the vole Enox/Jpx, Xist, Tsix and Slc7a3 gene expression in placenta of interspecific vole hybrids. Xp, X chromosome inherited from father (inactive X in placenta); Xm, X chromosome inherited from mother (active X in placenta).


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