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Gene families shared by Pythium species.

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posted on 2013-10-04, 02:11 authored by Bishwo N. Adhikari, John P. Hamilton, Marcelo M. Zerillo, Ned Tisserat, C. André Lévesque, C. Robin Buell

The predicted proteomes of the seven Pythium species were clustered using OrthoMCL [59] to identify orthologs and close paralogs. The number of gene families shared between the species and total number of clustered genes (numbers in parentheses) are indicated. The numbers outside the Venn diagram show the total number of orthologous clusters and number of genes (in parentheses) within those clusters for each species. Pap, Pythium aphanidermatum; Par, Pythium arrhenomanes; Pir, Pythium irregulare; Piw, Pythium iwayamai; Puls, Pythium ultimum var. sporangiiferum; Pult, Pythium ultimum var. ultimum; Pve, Pythium vexans.


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