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Gene expression patterns of day 3 human embryos, mature MII oocytes, TE cells and hESC cells.

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posted on 22.06.2012, 02:41 by Said Assou, Imène Boumela, Delphine Haouzi, Cécile Monzo, Hervé Dechaud, Issac-Jacques Kadoch, Samir Hamamah

(A) PCA two-dimensional scatter plots represent the differential gene expression patterns of the different human samples. Each dot represents a sample and the color its origin: oocytes (green dots), day 3 embryos (blue dots), TE from day 5 embryos (black dots) and hESCs (red dots). Samples can be divided in four distinct areas based on their gene expression. (B) Average-link hierarchical clustering of 15,000 genes delineated four major gene clusters: (a) genes specifically detected in mature MII oocytes; (b) genes over-expressed in hESCs; (c) genes up-regulated in TE and (d) genes specifically over-expressed in day 3 embryos.