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Gene expression of (A) long and (B) short form variants of MS4A12 in human colon normal, adenomatous polyp and carcinoma tissue.

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posted on 25.11.2014, 03:09 authored by Janice E. Drew, Andrew J. Farquharson, Claus Dieter Mayer, Hollie F. Vase, Philip J. Coates, Robert J. Steele, Francis A. Carey

Gene expression is normalised to reference gene UBE2D2. The asterisk (*) indicates significant decrease in expression levels of adenomatous polyp compared to normal, p<0.005. (C) – (D). In situ hybridisation of MS4A12 transcripts in human colon (C) normal, (D) adenomatous polyp and (E) carcinoma. Emulsion autoradiographs showing expression of MS4A12 at luminal epithelial surface (ep) of normal (C) in bright field and corresponding dark field images in antisense (left) and sense (right) hybridised tissue sections (n = 5). MS4A12 is largely absent in adenomatous polyp (D) and localised in discrete areas of epithelium in carcinoma (E). Bar = 20 µm.