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Gene expression comparison between PBS control and treated groups in Galleria mellonella.

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posted on 15.11.2013, 03:05 by Nadja Rodrigues de Melo, Ahmed Abdrahman, Carolyn Greig, Krishnendu Mukherjee, Catherine Thornton, Norman A. Ratcliffe, Andreas Vilcinskas, Tariq M. Butt

Expression of 17 gene transcripts in response to antifungal drugs and C. albicans 24 h post treatment. Mean value in each cell of the heat-map corresponds to gene expression fold change relative to uninjected larvae control (basal expression). Color gradient was used to visualize the gene expression comparison between treated groups and PBS injected control. The color gradients correspond to 3 different levels of gene expression relative to PBS injected control. A light color represents low gene expression i.e.0–25% of that expressed by the PBS injected control; intermediate color to moderate gene expression i.e. 25%–50% of PBS injected control; dark color to high gene expression, above 50% of PBS injected control. Among the 17 gene transcripts investigated during Candida pathogenesis (CA group) in the Galleria larvae only 3 genes TSF, 18W and C3 showed significant down-regulation (***p<0.001) in comparison with PBS injected control. The remaining gene transcripts in this group were significantly up-regulated (p<0.001). When the effect of MYR on the gene expression, during Candida pathogenesis (MYR+CA group), was compared with PBS control down-regulation profile on TSF (p<0.001) was found. Contrasting 18W and C7 transcripts results from CA and MYR+CA groups showed opposite gene-regulation profiles when compared to PBS control (***p<0.001, **p<0.05, *p>0.05). MYR = myriocin; AMPH = amphotericin; FLC = fluconazole, AMP = antimicrobial peptide; MP = metalloproteinase; TR = Toll receptor; GAL = gallerimycin; GLIO = galiomicin, 6tox; CER D = cecropin D; GLV = gloverin; TSF = transferrin; IMPI = Inducible metalloproteinase inhibitor; 18W = 18 wheeler; HS = heat shock protein 90; Contig codes for putative stress management genes Contig 17373 (C1); Contig 03093 (C2); Contig 15265 (C3); Contig 20595 (C4); Contig 21310 (C5); Contig 1327 (C6); Contig15362 (C7); Contig19101 (C8); #×10.


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