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Gene expression changes in rabbit illeal loops infected with avirulent or virulent Shigella.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 04:19 authored by Pamela Schnupf, Philippe J. Sansonetti

Transcriptional response at A) early (4 to 5.5 hrs) and B) late (8 hrs) time points post infection with the avirulent BS176 strain or the virulent M90T strain. The fold induction in gene expression over uninfected (UI) control loops (Δ-Δ-Ct) are given as the median of twelve samples obtained from six rabbits in three independent experiments. Basal level expressions are listed as the median Ct value above the housekeeping gene GAPDH (Δ-Ct) from twelve uninfected loops at the early time point from six rabbits. As GAPDH is an abundant transcript, smaller changes in fold Ct compared to GAPDH signify more abundant gene transcripts. Increased shading highlights increasing upregulation of statistically significan values while stripes signify downregulation. The statistical significance (p-value) was calculated using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test.